We Can Start Over Again

I’m ending this blog as I began it: with an Ivy song. Thanks to all who have read, followed and/or bookmarked this site, but it’s time for me to focus on other endeavors:

Haunted Jukebox will continue as I make my way through the 100 Albums project; any other writing about film or pop culture will also end up there.

As for photography, I’ve begun a new Tumblr blog called Kriofske Pix.


If There’s A Secret Can I Be Part of It?

100 Albums returns with a new entry over on Haunted Jukebox: XTC’s Nonsuch, proto-Britpop released at the height of grunge (as usual, the trio from Swindon were slightly out-of-step with the times).

Introducing Haunted Jukebox

I’ve started a new blog. Haunted Jukebox is a place for all my music writing going forward. I’ve been re-posting all previous entries in my 100 Albums project, and all subsequent ones will go there instead of here.

My first “original” post over there is a companion piece to this one; among my favorite albums of the first half of this decade is one which includes a song whose title gives the new blog its name.

Kriofske Mix will continue–I’ll have multiple photo essays from my Colorado trip to post over the next month or two, plus it’ll be a home for the increasingly rare occasions when I write film reviews. However, I expect my primary focus will be on music, especially as I still have another 69 favorite albums to write about at length. So, please bookmark hauntedjukebox.com, won’t you?