You Could Fall In Love

I’ve begun counting down my top ten albums of 2015 over at Haunted Jukebox; above, a highlight from one that almost made the list but at the last minute got relegated to an¬†Honorable Mention.


I Know You Say Love When You Mean Control

Pour a drink for Sam Phillips’ wonderful Martinis & Bikinis, now up at 100 Albums.

She Never Thought She’d Fall In Love

Over at 100 Albums, I attempt to describe the enigmatic beauty of Saint Etienne’s Tiger Bay, and why you should avoid the American edition of it.

Will We Catch Your Eye?

Pet Shop Boys get Very theatrical on their masterpiece, now up over at 100 Albums.

All The Bridges Blown Away Keep Floating Up

I explain how Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville is not all dirty talk over at 100 Albums.


She’s Got The River Down Which I Sold Her

The ex-lead singer of ‘Til Tuesday¬†makes the first of multiple appearances on 100 Albums with her solo bow, Whatever.

Don’t Forget To Catch Me

Saint Etienne’s So Tough proves a game changer over on 100 Albums.