Acadia and Elsewhere


On the first Sunday in October, we visited Acadia National Park on Maine’s Mount Desert Island. It’s the furthest East I’ve been.


I found a temporary artifact left behind on the aptly-named Sand Beach.


Sand Beach is one of the park’s most popular attractions, for obvious reasons.


A cove along the park’s stunning coastline.


Triumphant waterfowl as seen from the Ocean Trail.


A typical stretch of Park Loop Road.


The view from Otter Cove, facing South.


Along Otter Cove, looking North.


Cadillac Mountain, a trip up which we decided to save for our next visit.


Pines along Jordan Pond.


After leaving the park, we spent a few hours in nearby Bar Harbor, a port popular with tourists. Above, a juxtaposing of two very different types of ships that often frequent it.


CJ’s Big Dipper on Main Street, across from the Village Green (I always thought the latter only existed in England.)


Swatches of Bar Harbor remain gloriously un-gentrified, like this vintage stained-glass sign, complete with Rexall logo.


Another blast from the past. What could this be?


It’s the underside to this classic marquee, which predates the movie theater I work at by one year.


We actually stayed near Boothbay Harbor that weekend, taking an easy day trip from there to Acadia. Above, a Boothbay Harbor business I always visit when in town.


Spotted at another bookshop in nearby Damariscotta (sadly, it was too late in the day for browsing.)


My husband and I have spent considerable time in Boothbay Harbor (even getting married near there), but not so much in Wiscasset, which once has to pass through in order to get there if coming from Portland or any point South. In Wiscasset, this combination of old lettering, filmsy white curtains and christmas lights (in October!) intrigued me to no end.


Wiscasset is tiny but full of charming signage for businesses new and old.


Perhaps Wiscasset’s most famous, iconic eating establishment (in summer, there’s usually a long line of people leading up to that window), and one I hope to try someday.

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