In Bloom


Every spring, after the snow melts (all 100 inches of it in 2015) and buds start appearing on the trees, I take out my camera (increasingly the one on my phone) and attempt to document the year’s bounty. Above: the Boston Public Gardens, early enough in the season for at least the weeping willows to show some color.


St. Mark’s park in Brookline, a few blocks outside Coolidge Corner: another early bloomer.


Along Dwight Street in Brookline, two hues more common in spring than any other season.


I’ve already written about my weekend in Philadelphia; right outside Old City, Independence Hall flanked by new life all around.


While in Philly, we drove down to Winterthur in Delaware (and I got to cross off another box on my list of states I’ve been in). Founded by a member of the illustrious du Pont family (not John E. du Pont), the estate holds a garden, museum, library and mansion just outside Wilmington. We spent all our time in the gardens, smack dab in the middle of daffodil season.


However, the daffodils were only a secondary attraction to the cherry blossoms.


I haven’t seen such lovely, robust cherry blossoms since a trip to Washington DC in 1989, roughly around the same time of year.


I think I need to convince Steve that this should be the photo for our Christmas card this year.


Looks good, but just imagine being there in person. The scents were sublime…


Back to Massachusetts and a Mother’s Day afternoon at Elm Brook Reservation in Wellesley.


Not too much was stirring in Elm Brook, apart from the occasional swath of vibrant colors.


Petite buds, practically popping against a forest background.


Over to Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, post-daffodils but just in time for other seasonal treasures.


I have a soft spot for tulips because we used to have a few on the side of our house growing up. Nothing beats those found at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but these weren’t half-bad.


Not sure what these flowers are, but I nearly fell over when I caught sight of such a striking contrast of the pink and orange against the green.


Spring is waning; even with its relative lack of transition, I’m ready for Summer.

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