Chalk Sound


During our week in Provo, we rented a car one day to explore Chalk Sound, another part of the island. As we drove down South Dock Road (hidden above, but parallel to the telephone poles), we caught a sudden, dramatic glimpse of blue even bolder than what we saw in Grace Bay:


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Chalk Sound.


Perhaps someday I’ll write a short story speculating what happened to the rest of this sign.


Shallow enough to dock your sailboat in.


A majority of Chalk Sound is blocked off by private roads, so we had to be a little creative in finding photo-taking spots. This one and the next four were on the grounds of the Neptune Villas, the area’s largest (only?) resort.


I took many, many photos of this, hoping at least one would sufficiently capture the gorgeous view.


Across the Sound, looking North.


Closer up–much of the Sound is naturally dotted with vacation homes.


One of the beaches at Neptune Villas.


A strip of land runs south of the Sound, and we drove up and down it, seeking offshoot roads were we parked and photographed.


A lone burst of pink.


Typical architecture along the Sound…


…and, a typical gazebo overlooking it.


Many gazebos, in fact.


At times, the sun shone in such a way that the water appeared even more vividly aquamarine.


Close-up of the Sound’s rocky shore.


Later in the day, we headed over towards the Northwest part of the island to an area called Blue Hills. Our destination was Kalooki’s, the top-rated restaurant in Provo according to TripAdvisor.


Only 1,416 miles from Hartford! (actually, that might be kilometers since we are in the British West Indies.)


Kalooki’s had one of the more… candid bathroom signs I’ve seen.


Kalooki’s cuisine was delicious, but the best part was obviously the view from our table. I treasure the memory weeks later in a Boston blanketed by eight feet of snow.

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