Castle Hill


Every Autumn, we try to get up to Ipswich, Mass. to visit a friend. We then usually drive out to scenic Crane Beach, but this time, we walked around Castle Hill on the Crane Estate. You can just make out the Estate’s Great House in the rear here.


The grounds are scattered with tall trees and sloping hills.


Squint a little and you might think you’re in a locale far more exotic than Northeastern Massachusetts.


We walked through grassy, marshy lands out to the coast.


According to my phone, this sandy area west of Crane Beach is called Loudmouth Beach, but I can’t entirely confirm that’s actually the case. The name makes it sound like an ideal spot for Lucy Van Pelt.


The beautiful, empty beach (the air temperature was less than 60 degrees), with a late-afternoon moon.


That’s the isolated resort community of Little Neck to the left.


A few seagulls and piping plovers dotted the shoreline.


A particularly friendly little fella–too bad we didn’t bring any food with us.


We strolled up and down the beach until reaching the “magic hour” before sunset.


The setting sun did wonders for this burst of foliage…


…and also these trees as we headed away from the shore and back up the hill.


Fox Creek snakes through the valley along the Western edge of the Estate.


The last picture of the day, literally.

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