Toronto Signs and Scenes


I saw 15 films at the Toronto International Film Festival (reviews to follow, eventually), but still managed to take more than a few walks (and pix) throughout the city. First, the signs: our tour begins heading north up Yonge Street from the Eaton Chelsea hotel (where I stayed). Above, the most turquoise-y psychic’s sign I’ve ever seen.


This sign has possibly the worst font I’ve ever seen (or at least the worst “o”).


“Boil that dough, slurp it up, you are the dum-pling queeeeeen.”


I guess this is a thing in Canada (actually, there are just two locations)–perhaps this is an apology for the Double Down?


Further up Yonge into Rosedale: The Concert Hall, originally a Masonic Temple.


This furniture store closed in 2011, and there are plans to redevelop the site; I hope they keep the sign.


Heading west to Dupont Street, a dilapidated but cool remnant from a time when “hamburgers” were far more common than “burgers”.


Uh, how do you pronounce that again? (Or, a spelling bee contestant’s worst nightmare). As seen on the front of the public library system’s Spadina Road branch. Click here for an explanation…


We’ve reached Bloor Street West. Uh, what’s the name of this hardware store again?


Across from Wiener’s, a truck that made me giggle if only because my catholic grade school was called St. Helen’s (and I can’t keep my mind out of the gutter).


Over to Queen Street West, which has no lack of cool signs. I think Boston could really use an Original Penguin store like this.


I wish I’d been here at night to see this neon all lit up.


Steve and I actually dined at Milagro’s other location on Mercer Street (this one was only open for dinner).


On our last night in town, we did venture back to Queen Street West–not as far up as Perla, but far enough to catch this creatively-named boutique.


Now, a few scenes. Architecturally, Downtown Toronto is a little boring (apart from Old Toronto, where I did not take many photos due to rain). Still, I spotted this very NYC West Village-esque urban oasis.


From my hotel room’s balcony: a sea of concrete and glass overlooking Yonge and Ryerson University.


Also from the balcony: Ryerson’s new Student Learning Centre, which really does stand out from its nondescript surroundings (well, apart from the Yonge Street strip joints).


Just a few Yorkville skyscrapers.


Further up Yonge in Summerhill: a former Canadian Pacific Railway station, now a liquor store.


Spadina Road facing south towards Downtown.


I could not go without including a pic of the CN Tower (or the city’s skyline). Still to come: pix of two Toronto gardens.

Still to come: pix of two Toronto Gardens.

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