Cape Cod Sunset


We’ve taken a few road trips to Cape Cod this Summer in an attempt to explore other parts of it beyond Provincetown. One Saturday in late July, we headed over to route 6A (aka Old King’s Highway), driving from Sandwich to Orleans and back. At the very least, it was prettier than boring ol’ route 6, but unexpected showers kept us from stopping and taking many pictures. Fortunately, the sun returned late in the day, and we arrived at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable just in time to watch it set.


The facilities at Sandy Neck, complete with snack bar and sandbox.


It’s not often one gets to see such a prominent town seal.


The path to the beach, and the setting sun.


I forgot how much fun it is to watch the sun literally fall and seemingly disappear beneath the water.


I haven’t seen clouds of this hue since I watched a sunrise in Maine years ago.


Looking Eastward to the rest of the beach.


The lifeguard has retired for the day.


A typically rocky Cape Cod shoreline.


Back to the sunset and a painterly sky.

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