Mackworth Island


Richmond was not the only isle we visited on our last trip to Maine; one morning, we explored Mackworth Island, which is off the coast of Falmouth, just north of Portland.


In addition to housing the Governor Baxter School For The Deaf, Mackworth Island has a 1.25 mile hiking trail which offers scenic views of Casco Bay and surrounding towns.


A bench along the coastal trail.


Not far from the bench, a lookout pier.


One of the more lush views from the trail.


The mid-morning sun reflects upon the shore.


One of the island’s more distinctive features is its fairy house village.


One of the village’s more elaborate fairy homes, close up.


A near-mansion of a fairy home, found away from the village, along the trail.


Away from the coastal perimeter, Mackworth Island has its share of very tall pines.


There’s also a pet cemetery, of all things. The island was donated to the state by former governor Percival Baxter–this grave commemorates his many, many irish setters.


Past the cemetery and fairy homes and through the pines, one comes to this beautiful clearing.


The road back to Falmouth and the mainland. That’s US Route 1 in the rear to the left.


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a polite road sign before–not surprised I found it in Maine.

One Response to Mackworth Island

  1. Love the fairy village! Despite the fact that my nephew went to Baxter School for the Deaf I never heard about this scenic trail or the fairy village. I’ll have to put this on my list of places to visit!

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