Signs (and Scenes) of New York


New York is perhaps the only city I’ve visited where I’m too overwhelmed to take many photos; whenever there, I’m never bored, walking from one neighborhood to the next, taking in all the shopfronts and people. This time, I attempted to document where I was when I could, and ended up with an abundance of notable signs. Above, University Chemists on (natch) Unversity Place near (natch, again) NYU.


Down the block from University Chemists: a pizzeria’s temporary sign on scaffolding. I wish they had a sister place named “Edina’s”.


Around the corner: a Condo complex whose curious name’s origin is not to be found on the Internet (although it looks like a swanky place on the inside).


Pop-tastic front for Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware on Spring Street, Soho.


Also in Soho: one of NYC’s approx. 100,000 suggestively-named businesses.


A brief trip over to Brooklyn Botanical Garden (more of which I’m saving for another post). I prefer to call this one “Fern, Interrupted” because I am a very silly person.


Over to the Upper West Side. I keep meaning to start a collection of vintage signage that’s still around Boston; I’ll bet I would have an easier time doing so in NYC.


And, across Central Park to the Upper East Side, where the signage spans from the 1950s…


…to the 1980s and beyond. Eat Here Now (not to mention old school steak joint Donohue’s) must be doing something right to stay in business for so long.


Around the corner, something I’ve included if only for the comically exaggerated stance of the tie-wearing gentleman in the center. Ah, New York…

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