Provincetown Spring


I’ve grown fond of Provincetown in the off-season (though not necessarily the dead of winter). Went down there the first weekend in May, when mostly everything was in bloom.


Arch Street, possibly Provincetown’s narrowest.


As usual, I’m drawn to all of the quirky signs in this enclave.


Only P-Town would reference Nancy Sinatra in their municipal signage.


A clever take on a “closed” sign–rearrange the letters and you’ll find its opposite.


Folksy reminder on the front door of the West End Racing Club (or WERC, which brings to mind a particular RuPaul song.)


Not sure if this is a cabin name, or a family name, or there for no particular reason.


As seen in someone’s front yard: fire up the Fatso, it’s freezing in here!


This reminds me of one of those cheap plastic animals you used to get from a vending machine at the Milwaukee County Zoo, only a.) it’s a man, and b.) he’s climbing a rope.


A ladder might’ve been sturdier–just watch that last doozy of a step.


When you’ve exhausted all the signs and most of the shoppes, it’s time to hit the coast.


And as always, the coast does not disappoint.

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