Jen Trynin, “Getaway (February)”

If you needed any vindication that February’s one of the least-loved months ever, just try to name a song with February in its title. Even January (which we all know is The Worst Month of the Year) comes up more than once in my iTunes library; the Second Month only appears in this track from Jen Trynin’s second (and last) album, Gun Shy Trigger Happy–and in parentheses, at that.

I previously blogged about Trynin when I reviewed her kick-ass memoir in 2006, which partially serves as a mea culpa for why she quit the music business. In the book, she reveals that “Getaway (February)” was written about her tumultuous affair with her bass player on a seemingly never-ending tour to promote her first record, Cockamamie (while simultaneously dating her producer back home). The lyrics, which equate a need to break off a romance with a desire to escape a dull, cold, gray environment, aren’t especially original, but the music–lush, tender, sad yet buoyant enough to compare favorably with the catchiest Joni Mitchell or Pretenders songs–was a striking advance from the punky alt-rock of Cockamamie. In fact, 15 years on, Gun Shy increasingly seems like a lost classic, and this song remains a good gateway into it.

2 Responses to Jen Trynin, “Getaway (February)”

  1. Howard says:

    Weird. I just checked that book out. Wish she would start writing music again.

  2. Michael C. says:

    I love Getaway (February) by Jen Trynin. I actually think Gun Shy, Trigger Happy is a great album. I’m in the “U’s” in my alphabetical CD listing, so I listened to Jen Trynin just a few months ago, and I hadn’t hear it for quite awhile.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say, was listen to this terrific, sad track by Dar Williams named – you guessed it — February. You can hear it here:


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