Top Ten Albums of 2012: # 5


5. Rufus Wainwright – OUT OF THE GAME

I know, it’s too cute to place the Wainwright siblings next to each other on this list but that’s honestly the way things worked out. This year, Martha made her first great album, but Rufus’ latest was even better—his best since Want One. Just went you thought he had suspended himself in a quagmire of self-indulgences far worse than cigarettes and chocolate milk (opera, inscrutable piano reveries, imitating Judy Garland), he’s done an about-face and moved on to a mellow, 70s singer/songwriter vibe he really hasn’t revisited since Poses. Easily his most accessible and warmest effort, Out Of The Game is still quirky enough for a Rufus record, finding room for torch-song doo-wop (“Rashida”), barfly lamentation (“Respectable Dive”) and even a little roller-rink worthy Eurodisco (the lovely, gliding “Bitter Tears”). Rufus also matches his sister in terms of acidic wit, kicking off one song with the lyric, “One day you will come to Montauk / and see your dad wearing a kimono / and see your other dad pruning roses.”

Favorite tracks: “Bitter Tears”, “Out Of The Game”, “Respectable Dive”, “Perfect Man”

Video for “Out Of The Game”:

One Response to Top Ten Albums of 2012: # 5

  1. Howard says:

    I think it’s funny how our lists diverged. Again, another bubbler for me.

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