Top Ten Albums of 2012: # 9

stars north

9. Stars – THE NORTH

Album number six for this Montreal-based collective could end up their most consistent one yet. Being Stars, they don’t forget to include at least one god-awful track (“Do You Want To Die Together” sticks out like a severely bruised thumb); nor does anything match the sublime heights of “Elevator Love Letter” or “Take Me To The Riot” (although the laboriously titled but magnificently catchy “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” comes pretty close). Still, following 2010’s disappointing The Five Ghosts, they’ve recalibrated their strengths (peppy girl/boy duets, Smiths-ian grandeur mixed with giddy synth-pop) so much that you’re left believing they very well could keep it up for another six albums.

Favorite tracks: “Hold On When You Get Love…”, “The North”, “A Song Is A Weapon”

Video for “Hold On When You Get Love…”:

4 Responses to Top Ten Albums of 2012: # 9

  1. Howard says:

    Synchronicity. You should check out my #7 posted this morning.

  2. Call Me Appetite says:

    not their best, but much better than their last one

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