30 Day Song Challenge: Bonus Tracks

I gamely took the 30 Day Song Challenge as a catalyst to jumpstart my blogging. In the past, I’ve begun more than a few blog-related projects that I haven’t completed, but I’m proud to say I made it all the way through this one (in 30 days, no less).

In coming up with songs/videos available on YouTube, I found a few I was unable to use for various reasons; I also thought of other songs I’d love to post but didn’t quite fit any of the thirty designated categories. So, I present these “bonus tracks” for your listening/viewing pleasure (or not).

1. My favorite song at the moment. Even though it’s the middle of summer, I would listen to this one on repeat and wrap it around me like a comfy, drowsy big ol’ quilt if I could:


2. I really wanted to use this track in some capacity and almost did for “A Song That Makes You Happy“.  This somewhat crazy video for it, which I hadn’t seen before, makes me even happier:


3. Favorite cover version. If this were part of the challenge, I would have gone with what I picked for “A Song That Makes Me Laugh“, but this is my second choice–everything a good, unruly, blasphemous cover version should be:


4. Since my favorite artist pick was from a band, here’s a track from my favorite solo female artist:


5. …and one from my favorite solo male artist–a Tony award winner, no less:


6. It’s excruciating to pick just one all-time favorite song. Here’s another I seriously considered.

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