Day 30: Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

Ah, the summer of 2010. It seems like only yesterday (or 300+ days ago, to be exact). My favorites of that season included Tracey Thorn’s “Hormones”, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “Dandelion”, The New Pornographers’ “Crash Years”, V.V. Brown’s “Shark in the Water” and most of all, this little extended Frankie Goes To Hollywood homage by the Scissor Sisters called “Invisible Light”. It has everything one could possibly want from a Scissor Sisters song: a pulsating beat, a Bee Gees-esque chorus, a langorous air of seduction n’ sleaze–and, as an added bonus, the voice of Sir Ian McKellen! It was the immediate highlight for me from their just-released third album Night Work, and I’m still puzzled as to why it wasn’t the lead single instead of the safer, if somewhat boring “Fire With Fire”.

They eventually made a video for it; not for the squeamish, but it propels the song unto an even greater sphere of awesomeness. If Derek Jarman were still alive, I’d like to think he’d be making stuff like this.

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