Day 26: A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument

Unbeknownst to many of my current friends, I can play the guitar. I took lessons for years as a kid and also performed in my high school jazz ensemble. Since then, I’ve barely played at all. At some point, I discovered that I do not have as much discipline for practicing a musical instrument as I do for, say, writing.

However, I still hang on to my guitar in hope that some day I’ll pick it up and practice on a regular basis again. Back in the day, one of my favorite pieces to play was a 19th century classical exercise called “Allegro” by Matteo Carcassi. You can imagine my surprise when it turned up in the greek film Dogtooth (which made my top ten films of 2010). In the film’s infamous, absolutely bananas dancing scene, the guitar player seems to be stuck on the song’s first four bars, repeating them incessantly. Somehow, it perfectly accompanies his two spastic dancing sisters–particularly the second girl whose deranged footwork gradually spirals out of control.

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