Day 18: A Song That You Wish You Heard On the Radio

YouTube has rendered radio irrelevant as a space to hear new music these days. Even pre-internet, I first heard many of my favorite artists either on MTV (when they played music videos) or, more often, via reviews and word of mouth that led to stuff I could find at the library. It’s reached the point that I can only name one new artist I like that I discovered through the radio this year.

Robyn is a different case. She actually had big radio hits back in 1997 when she was 18 and riding the teenpop wave. Following a decade of record-label woes, she reemerged in America with a more muscular, mature yet still poppy sound. Her recent stuff is critically acclaimed and super catchy to boot, so why have I not heard any of it on the radio? Why does foghorn-voiced Katy Perry rule the airwaves instead? (The two women are touring together this summer, believe it or not). Is Robyn’s take on dance pop too emotionally complex for mass consumption? I would gladly post anything from her latest album Body Talk, but will go with “Call Your Girlfriend”, in which she simply dances and kicks ass.

One Response to Day 18: A Song That You Wish You Heard On the Radio

  1. Chuck Finley says:

    A Song That I Wish I Heard On the Radio?
    Electric Six – Gay Bar or High Voltage

    Tunes I can’t get out of my head once they are there as well

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