Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often On the Radio

Lately, every station I listen to (except for NPR) seems to be playing “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys: adult alternative 92.5 The River, Emerson College radio (WERS 88.9) and Sirius XM stations such as the 80s channel (an obvious place, I know) and retro alternative First Wave. I don’t know why I’m surprised–after all, it was their biggest hit to the degree that most Americans think of them as one-hit wonders. Actually, they had five additional hits from 1986-1988, but nothing after that, which is almost tragic since their very best album (called Very) came out in 1993. Despite its status as the PSB song you’re most likely to hear on the radio, it holds up rather well twenty-five years on. I won’t say that it doesn’t sound of its time, but the catchy melody and wry, perceptive half-spoken, half-sung lyrics do seem timeless.

One Response to Day 17: A Song That You Hear Often On the Radio

  1. Chuck Finley says:

    Suburbia. It’s a sin. What have I done to deserve this? Being Boring. Left to my own devices. Was it worth it?
    Yes, actually, please release fundamental, very introspective, bilingual nightlife behaviour.
    1986 – Please 1987 – Actually1988 – Introspective 1990 – Behaviour 1993 – Very 1996 – Bilingual 1999 – Nightlife
    2002 – Release 2006 – Fundamental 2009 – Yes

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