Day 15: A Song That Describes You

I used to take pride in calling myself a weirdo. I wanted to stand out, to not be like everyone else, to not conform to other people’s opinions of how I should dress, what I should listen to–in short, what I should like. As an adult in my mid-thirties, I wince at some of my younger self’s shallow idealism. It makes me think of the old King Missile lyric, “I want to be different, like all of the different people”. Although I now understand there’s no sense in being weird just for the sake of it, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t celebrate their own individual differences and quirks, especially when they come from a genuine, heartfelt place.

Some deride her as “secretary rock” for her two ubiquitous hits from a few years back, but I really admire Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall. She almost seems like an accidental pop star–talented and ambitious, but also authentic and down-to-earth. “(Still A) Weirdo” from her recent album Tiger Suit tenderly sums up everything I attempted to articulate in the preceding paragraph. The song is a bold statement, wistfully disclosed and I deeply relate to its comment on time assessed.

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