Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

Although I’ll stubbornly sit through the most depressing, feel-bad films you can imagine, I don’t like sad music all that much. The best movies stay with you for a long time, but the act of experiencing one is finite (unless you’re obsessed enough to watch it over and over again). With a song, the experience is more amenable to repetition. I want to listen to my favorite songs on repeat, but I don’t want to be sad for a long period of time.

Having said that, Kate Bush’s “A Coral Room” (from Aerial) is a sad song I don’t mind hearing often. In fact, even though I’ve heard it many times, its spare, piano-and-voice setting still startles me given that it’s coming from someone whose oeuvre tends to be more theatrical and symphonic. The lyrics, which reference her mother’s death and the tenderness with which Bush sings them gives the song much of its mournfulness, but I love how she can do the whole piano-and-voice thing this late in her career and still sound like no one else.

2 Responses to Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

  1. Michael C. says:

    Inspired choice. That whole album, as you said, coming so late in her career, was a revelation.

    • Chuck Finley says:

      Kris Kristoferson “Sunday morning coming down” or Roy Acuff “Yesterday when I was young” guess the vast majority of country music will put you there, but those 2 hit the sad bone with me. I can always rely on my Buddy Kristos to find me new songs that make sad through….

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