Day 1: My Favorite Song

I figure July is as good a time as any to tackle the 30 Day Song Challenge, so from now until the 31th, expect a new post each day.

If you ever tell someone you’re into film or music, you will inevitably be asked what your favorite movie or song or album is. And if you really love film or music, it seems like an impossible task to pick just one thing. I could easily list 50 or 100 songs here, but since that would be a slog of a blog post to scroll through, I’ll stick with one song that I never tire of hearing. In my opinion, any great song has a catchy, hummable melody, a vocal that doesn’t sound like it could have come from anyone else, multiple hooks that give the song layers and texture, and most simply but profoundly, the ability to make me feel good.  New Order’s “Temptation” has all this and more–you can also dance to it, and its sense of euphoric wonder is infectious. Although this version of the song came out in 1987, the adorable video I’ve embedded below was made about six years ago. Starring Victoria Bergsman of Swedish band The Concretes, it fully complements the song’s optimism and joy.

2 Responses to Day 1: My Favorite Song

  1. Michael C. says:

    Nice pick, Chris, and something I didn’t know about you! Looking forward to the rest of your meme!

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